Colorado Hardiness Zone Map

Plant Maps

If you want a plant that comes up every year (called a perennial) you have to pay attention to the hardiness zone you are in.  After reading here, click on the link above.  This will take you to a great zone map.

Some plants sold in our Colorado gardening centers will have the zone marked, others will not. If the plant is marked with the name but not the zone, look the name up on the internet to find out in which zone it grows as a perennial.  If the plants says it is for zones 6 and higher, know that it WON’T come up again here in the front range of Colorado. I do grow some of these plants. Some I bring in during the winter, others I just let die and buy again in the spring

Point is this: know your zone. And, know that not all gardening centers mark all their plants. I learned this the hard way with lavender, learning that only a couple varieties come up every year here in Colorado.

This fall I’ve been working to save seeds to share with my Colorado Backyard Gardener friends. Why? Seeds make me hope. Thus I suspect that by sharing my seeds I might plant some hope.  It’s that simple.

Who doesn’t like something that is free? The Denver Botanic Gardens has free days throughout the year. I highly recommend taking advantage of this. Just meandering around there is a great way to get some gardening ideas or just a great way to stare at beauty and nurture hope. And if you have never visited the Denver Botanic Gardens you may want to check it out on November 8th. Why?

It will be the last time that you can see the Chihuly exhibit for free! I have been four times to this exhibit and each time I see something new. I just love it. There are unusual glass sculptures all over the gardens. It will be beautiful in November, even when all the other plants in the gardens are dying off. Trust me.

And do keep in mind that while all gardens are to be enjoyed, don’t let the grandiosity of this one spoil the enjoyment of your own pots and dirt and growing things. I have to keep that in check myself!

Date: November 8, 2014
Event: Denver Botanic Gardens Free Day
Sponsor: Denver Botanic Gardens
Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens
(720) 865-3501
Location: 1007 York St,
Denver, Colorado 80206
Public: Public

This quote makes me laugh.  And it is so true for me and for many gardeners I know.  In fact, for most people who have something they do with their hands (woodworking, cooking, knitting, building an engine) they are happier.  And happy is NOT bad.  If we do something in the pursuit of happiness as an end in itself, we may end up disappointed.  But to do something so that we do it well and so that others are served, then happiness happens!  So does joy.

Yes, this quote rings true for me.  Gardening has helped me find joy (an attitude) and happiness (a state of being) in the midst of tough times.  Thanks be to God.  What is one thing you can take up doing — something that requires the use of your hands?  Do it.  Take it up.  It will bless others.  THAT brings joy.  And your spirit will be lifted.

Healing in the garden. In the last 11 years, I have navigated at least 11 hardships (some I would call tragedies).  Each time I have gone to my backyard garden and put my hands in the soil.  I have been made better there.  Thanks be to God this is true.  And, I think the hard clay soil is different as well.  Thanks be to God this is true.

This is a picture of my Rose of Sharon bush.  It blooms in August.  I love things that bloom in August, don’t you?

This sounds like a great event.  There is a fee to attend. From their website:

Come explore the joys of tomatoes in sweet and savory form. Combine different cooking techniques and use the brilliant sweetness of seasonal, heirloom tomatoes varieties to awaken the elements they have to offer. Bringing out the richness of what fully ripened tomatoes have to offer, add these recipes for a unique collection that will add dynamic flavor to your dining experiences.

Date: September 5, 2014
Time: 01:00pm-3:30pm
Event: Tomatoes Sweet And Savory
Topic: Tomatoes Sweet and Savory
Sponsor: Denver Botanic Gardens
Public: Public

Who doesn’t like free?  And have you been to this place?  Even in the winter it is wonderful to walk around.  Go!  I like the Butterflies At Chatfield exhibit that is on this site (in season).

Date: November 4, 2014
Time: 09:00am-05:00pm
Event: Denver Botanic Gardens (At Chatfield) Free Day
Topic: Denver Botanic at Chatfield Free Day
Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield
Location: 8500 West Deer Creek Canyon Road
Littleton, CO 80128
Public: Public

I adore this quote.  Adore it.  Why?  It tells me that I’m allowed to participate in the creation of things.  Even if all I do is put a seed in the ground and step back to watch it grow.  I get to clap for two reasons.  (1) God is creative and benevolent and fun and whimsical and…..  (2) And I participate with him in all this.  He invites me in.  So clap away in your gardens my dear friends.  You garden (or whatever you do) WITH God.  You change diapers WITH God.  You create a new Excel spreadship WITH God.  You clean out the garage WITH God.  You teach WITH God.  It’s a WITH God life.  God celebrates you as you celebrate Him.   Clap away because it is a shared moment of delight WITH God.