Peach Burrata

I about died on my wedding anniversary eating Peach Burrata. Yes, my personal chef and I recently had our 31st wedding anniversary. Each and every year this is a big deal. Life throws its major curve balls and still being married each and every year is a miracle to be celebrated. So, we jaunted over to our favorite Italian place.  Farro restaurant is chef owned and operated by Matthew Franklin. This chef is down to earth AND he is creative.  Matthew inspires my own personal chef. His food is rustic Italian and it is accessible and it is REAL food. He often uses Colorado’s seasonal ingredients and he always outdoes himself. But this time? I have no words. I am so glad I ordered his special appetizer: Peach Burrata. Here is a picture of our version.

Did I already say that when I was at Farro, I about died as I was eating the Peach Burrata?  I like these types of near death experiences because they are a glimpse and experience of heaven. Of course my reaction intrigued my personal chef of 31 years. So, he stole some off my plate.  He about died too. I mean honestly, we both about died on our wedding anniversary.

As is his typical fashion,

Watermelon Sorbet

There are many versions of watermelon sorbet recipes on the web. This is mine, seasoned with fresh mint from the backyard garden. If you don’t have this ingredient, then simply replace the fresh mint with 1/8 t. of peppermint extract.  But there is a secret ingredient you can’t skip or replace.  It is what makes this icy goodness smooth going down!

This recipe does require an ice cream maker. I use the Cuisinart 1.5 quart. But apparently you can make sorbet in your freezer. Google “making sorbet without an ice cream maker” and you’ll get a lot of ideas. Use this recipe for the ingredients but follow the instructions on using the freezer to process it. Or, save your pennies and get one of these bad boys. I love this machine.

Oh and for the record, this recipe is by me, the gardener, not my Personal Chef. Yes, believe it or not, once in a while I do find myself in the kitchen. To make and thus enjoy, read on!