Freezing Oregano in Water

On the left: my 8 year old oregano plant. It’s best to fprepare for storage before it flowers.

Freezing oregano reminds me that True hope has an object? I find so many metaphors for hope as I prepare my herbs for storage. It is hard to trim away at a beautiful growing herb but one must do it in order to allow the herb to grow better and in order to preserve it for use in the kitchen during the cold winter months. Popping the icy cubes out of the freezer and dropping the herb in a simmering pot reminds me that spring will come again.

To store several of my herbs I use the ice cube method. Some herbs do best being frozen in a cube, using water. This includes oregano, sage, mint and others. Other herbs do best frozen in a cube using olive oil (basil for example).

This post demonstrates the storage of oregano. Can you smell the spaghetti simmering on your winter stove?