Seed Packet Wall Art

I love seed packets and I decided to make some seed packet wall art out of my favorites. I am not the best at being crafty. So I purchased two already made memory boards from Hobby Lobby. Apparently these boards are easy to make. But I’d rather it be easier than easy. When we became empty nesters I turned one of our bedrooms into a garden room using my mother’s prized bed. This bed was very hard for her to not have when she moved into assisted living. So I turned this room into a place where she could nap on the days she is with me. Here are a few pictures of the very simple room, including the seed packet wall art.  Enjoy!

You really can’t plan this type of decor.  But take a look at this photo of a wind chime hanging on my friend Robin’s front porch.  For about 3-4 years hummingbirds came and built their nest on this!  Can you believe it?

A mentor and colleague of mine was oft heard quoted, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

As I think about my life and the mentoring of others, I think he is right.  Change happens all the time.  But if we want to grow in the midst of change?  That’s a decision we have to make for ourselves.

I think this is the same in gardening.  My plants are going to change.  But I, as the gardener, do play a part in helping them grow, in helping them flourish.  It’s a decision I make each day in the backyard.

(Side note:  I’m not much of a garden decor person, but I love this one given to me by my friend Kathi.  I always hang it near my Scarlet Runner Beans.)

My daughter Jenna and her new husband Jake made this birdhouse for my 52nd birthday.
It is inscripted with this verse:

“For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow so the sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.” Isaiah 61:11

All the materials Jake used were recyclables, gathered in and near where he works at a camp in the mountains of Colorado. The tree trunk is wood from an Aspen tree. Jenna spent hours with the wood burning tool. I love this gift so much. I cried when I opened it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Check out this video of my homemade fountain. Click on the video image above.  It’s only 20 seconds long.

This fountain is easy and relatively cheap to make.  It attracts all sorts of birds (which makes me very happy).

In the next little while I’ll make a video showing you the components of what went into making this super easy fountain.