Growing Peppers In Colorado

If you are like me, growing peppers in Colorado has challenged you. About five years ago I gave up all together. I don’t give up easily on things. Obviously, I wasn’t having much success! But in the past couple years, I’ve returned to the challenge of growing peppers. I’ve zeroed in and tried to learn some tricks. Since then I have had better success! I even had enough peppers to roast and freeze. I still want to get better at this. But I do have a few tips to share with you.

What are these tips? I have published another Colorado Backyard Gardener Handy Dandy Gardening Guide. You’ll find the link at the very end of the post after you scroll past the few pictures below. If you have seen my other guides, you’ll know that these are one page documents, not intended to teach EVERYTHING about growing a certain vegetable. But they do cover the top tips that are fairly particular to Colorado/Front Range gardening.

Gardening is fun! Take a look at a few of my pepper photos from 2014. Oh my. Can’t wait!

Early July: Growing Peppers In Pots. They were just starting to flower/produce.

In August….peppers from one of the plants in picture above.


There is nothing like slicing into a fresh from the garden anaheim pepper. The aroma is so sweet!

Don’t get me going about roasting homegrown peppers. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Click here to download: Growing Great Peppers PDF

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Happy Gardening!
Laura Flanders

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