Amaryllis Soul Care

Coaxing a beautiful bulb towards it’s beauty is what I will call, from here on out, Amaryllis Soul Care.  Call me silly. Call me quirky. I don’t care. But when you are moving through a period of pain and suffering or a season of waiting and watching, when you are dealing with a time of barrenness and nothingness, one needs to take care of her soul. And in these past seven weeks I have been in such a place. So I decided to help bring this beauty to life…….

….and in doing so I have been cared for…..

…and as a result, I have been able to pour into the life of a friend whom I love, who needed me more than ever.

So as I sat alongside her,

2015 Gardening Resolutions

I have poked around and read some 2015 gardening resolutions made by other gardeners. I must admit that I get a bit intimidated by some of their lists. And well, that is just dumb.  To combat this silly tendency of mine, I decided to make my own list. I suppose I could have not made one, but in all honestly I already have a list in my mind. And you know what, my own list is intimidating me! So I decided to remake that “in my head” list and come up with this one instead. I think it is fun, a tad quirky and encourages me to hope. Take that you bossy gardener in my head!

Read on…..