The Words

My mother still knows the meaning of the words she hears. This is true even in the mid to late stage 5 of her Alzheimer’s journey.  Thus, on a certain Sunday morning, she was gripped by the words she heard. A song she had never listened to prior to this particular morning.

elderly worshipping

Here is a very short entry from my journal I’d like to share with you.

March 25, 2013

Mom whispered loud in my ear that Sunday morning.

“This song is choking me up. Oh Laura! The words!”

Then she gripped her heart and sang along. On so many levels, the words were wrought with meaning for her.

God of all light, chase the darkness from me.
God of all reason, restore my sanity.
God of all truth, strip away all the lies.
God of all mercy, have merciful eyes.
God of all restoration put me back together again.
I am weak, I am small. You are my All in All.

I didn’t need the particular words like she did. What I needed was watching my Mom be overwhelmed with the Word. Somehow on this Sunday morning the Lord knew this.
Thank you Jesus. Thank you.

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  • Miriam Green

    Ah, Laura, you are right. Religious experiences reach my mom too. When I take her to synagogue, I am there for her. My prayers are secondary as she sings along with the angels.

    • laura

      Miriam, it is such a gift to stand alongside our Moms as they pray and sing. I hope that you and I will be blessed with more of these moments because they will help us go the distance. I know reading your words on your blog certainly helps me. So grateful for you.

  • Wes

    ………..amazing, that in her mind slipping backwards, she lives forward when truth beckons. Your website? Beautiful. Amazing. You. Even the banana bread reflects grace. :-) Looking forward to you being part of the journey from here next Friday.