Freeze Tomatoes Whole Skin On

Yes, you can freeze tomatoes whole skin on! Perhaps you have an abundance of tomatoes, or like me you have a generous friend with an AMAZING garden who has given you an abundance of tomatoes. Or maybe you have heard that tomatoes from the farmers market, put up for the winter, are better than any canned tomatoes you can buy. But, you don’t have time to can or don’t know how. That would be me.  Thus, I often decided to freeze tomatoes whole skin on. Let me tell you, this is EASY PEASY!

Read below….so FEW steps!

Step One: Wash tomatoes. Dry tomatoes.  Remove core from each tomato. Place tomatoes on a tray and put in freezer.

Step Two: Place frozen tomatoes in bags. I used my vacuum seal device, but you don’t need to do that. Just use ziplock bags.

Step Three: Put your bags back in the freezer for later use. When you go to use tomatoes, run them under warm water to remove skin and then plop in your pot of bubbling goodness.

What did I tell you?  Easy Peasy!

If you have a suggestion on how to put up tomatoes or anything from your garden, please share in the comments below.

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