Easy Beet Salad

The first time I ate a beet was 24 hours after I gave birth to my son Ryan by C-Section. It was my first meal. Beets were on the plate. Canned beets. And they were sooooooo good. About two weeks later I bought a can of sliced beets. And they were soooooo gross. I guess I was hungry that day in the hospital.

Fast forward to an evening in Vail, Colorado where my brother, my personal chef and my mother and I were on a get-away. My brother treated us to a fancy dinner and we ordered a roasted beet salad. “It tastes like the earth,” my brother remarked. This was a compliment of course because that salad was sooooooo good.

So I started to grow beets. And now I will never NOT grow them. Never ever.  Keep reading for an easy recipe below. 

Just a couple beets I picked one fine day.

The salad pictured in this post is an easy beet salad.
Grow or buy some fresh beets (preferably from the farmers market).

If they are large you may need to peel them a bit.  
Slice them to 1/2 thick. Place on a cookie sheet and pour a tad of olive oil on them, maybe add a bit of salt too (maybe). You can sprinkle them with fresh thyme from the garden (or dried from the cupboard).  Roast them for 15-20 minutes (or so) at 375.


Serve them up. For this recipe, my personal chef slice them up a bit more, place them in a bowl and drizzle with his favorite vinaigrette.  Place them on a bed of store bought lettuce (unless you happen to have some growing in the dirt). Yes, a backyard gardener does eat store bought veggies.

Eat Your Beets! Trust me.

Do you have a beet story to share?  A recipe or growing/buying tips?  Share in the comments please!

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