Lavender Growing In Colorado

Lavender growing in Colorado can be tricky. But lavender growing in Colorado is not impossible, in fact it is quite easy. But, it is important to note which lavender grows in Colorado. Why? I’ve seen many of our big box stores sell lavender that is not hardy here in our beautiful state. And, I have noticed that sometimes, the tag on the lavender being sold is not labeled with the zone. Depending on where you are in the state, our growing zone varies. Here on the Front Range your zone is most likely 5-5b.  Not all lavenders are hardy in this zone! But this lavender pictured below grows beautifully each year. I took this picture in 2008 and it looks this lovely each year.

Last gardening season, while in Costco, I noticed a particular lavender being sold.

Be Aware: Not All Lavender Can Be Grown in the Front Range

Only $12.49!!!  Soooo tempting.  But learn your zone.  It won't come up again here in Colorado

Only $12.49!!! Soooo tempting. But learn your zone. It won’t come up again here in Colorado

Once in a blue moon I want to get ticked off at gardening centers and big box stores that sell a variety of herbs that won’t come up again next spring. Ok. I’m glad they sell them, but I think they need to do a better job of telling its customers that they are NOT perennials. For example: (more…)