Late Summer Salad

It is mid September here in Colorado.  We had some really cold weather last week, so cold I had to cover up my garden goodies two nights in a row.  But this week it has been in the low 80’s and I am finding a few gems out in my backyard garden.

Late summer salad beautifully arranged on a white plate.

Finding gems.

Late summer is a time for that.  I may think my pole beans are done, but I find a few more on the vine.  And then I peek close to the ground and see a few last cucumbers.  That one more ripe tomato makes me scream with delight.  Am I being melodramatic? Yes, I am and I don’t care.  A garden is worthy of drama.

If you are a gardener, what can you go find that will make a little meal for you and a friend? Maybe it is one shriveled cucumber you can add to your store bought lettuce.  Cut it up in a fancy way and add it to your plate.  Pictured above is what I did tonight.  I made a late summer salad.  I used 4 pieces of red leaf lettuce from the grocer.  Everything else on the plate was added after I scrounged around my garden after a long day of work: a large handful of micro greens, one lemon cucumber, one tomato, a few edible nasturtium leaves and edible flowers and last, but not least….one small red sweet pepper.  That’s it. On its own, each ingredient wasn’t that impressive.  But put together as a community on a plate? Oh my.

As is usually the case, I end up humming when I scrounge, create and arrange a garden masterpiece. Yes, we really should hum more often.

What have you given up doing that feeds your soul?

Running?  Playing your piano?  Painting?  Playing hoops? Working on an engine? Reading a good novel? Hauling rocks? Working a puzzle?

Why feed your soul?  For me, it is for the sake of Christ.  I serve, love and care for others much better when I fairly consistently take time to stop and do something that makes me hum.  Christ shows us how to be human. He stopped and rested and fed his soul. And then he engaged the crazy busy with a Sabbath mind. Even if you aren’t a Christ follower or believer, as a historical figure, he was a pretty good example of embracing his limitations and stopping to rest.

I love him for showing you and me how to live well. Let us consider Jesus a tad more. It might help us find, sustain and nurture hope.

Late Summer Salad
Recipe type: Late Summer Salad
  • Whatever is in your garden in the late summer.
  1. Put it together on a plate, arrange it and make it beautiful.
  2. Then hum.
  3. Then eat.


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